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Fashon with toilet tissue White Cashmere

88 votes | submitted 2007-11-21 12:52:12 by yumlum | 10 comments

Fashon with toilet tissue White CashmereWhite Cashmere 2007 Collection Fashion Show

Say Hello To The Perfect Girlfriend

1312 votes | submitted 2007-11-21 06:52:35 by msaleem | 182 comments

Everyone say hello to the world's perfect girlfriend.

Planet Hollywood Opens in Vegas as Hollywood Businesses Shut Down

197 votes | submitted 2007-11-21 02:18:05 by thatchimp | 18 comments

After recapping the Vegas opening of the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino, where film producer Dana Brunetti partied over the weekend with Sly Stallone, Bruce Willis and Tom Jones, discussion turns to the weekend box office, the growing impact of the WGA strike as it continues, and the trailer for the upcoming blackjack/card-counting film "21"

Police taser man for alleged speedingticket....Police video.

2167 votes | submitted 2007-11-20 22:33:19 by tranft | 808 comments

UHP (Utah Highway Patrol) tasers man in front of pregnant wife and baby over an alleged speeding ticket.

Elizabeth Kucinich at the Mercury Café speaking about Policy Issues

309 votes | submitted 2007-11-20 00:24:59 by notque | 74 comments

Elizabeth Kucinich arrived in Denver to attend the Colorado for Kucinich fundraiser brunch held at the Mercury Café. The Mercury Café is one of Denver's alternative hotspots and has led the way in greening Denver by installing solar panels and wind turbines.

Students Dressed as Clowns Chase CIA Away After Waterboarding Demonstration

675 votes | submitted 2007-11-20 08:40:12 by vango | 142 comments

A group of UC Santa Barbara students in clown outfits & makeup interrupted a CIA recruitment meeting when they placed a fellow protester on top of a table and started demonstrating the controversial waterboarding technique. The disruption forced the CIA to hastily leave the meeting room, and they were chased to their cars by the clowns & protesters

Can you believe this ad of a fifteen year old Brooke Shields was banned?

55 votes | submitted 2007-11-19 21:37:16 by dcokedrinker | 28 comments

Boy have times changed.

"Hitman" Hotel Scene

562 votes | submitted 2007-11-19 19:58:35 by moviemadness | 139 comments

Agent 47 chases bad guys throughout the hotel.

Stop Smoking - Hard Hitting Video!

129 votes | submitted 2007-11-19 18:29:40 by born4surf | 56 comments

A different way at trying to quit smoking. Not only your lungs get trashed...this video blatantly shows your wallet gets a beating!!!!

The Master Of Balls

843 votes | submitted 2007-11-19 09:59:06 by supernova17 | 108 comments

Simply awesome.

'21' Theatrical Trailer

919 votes | submitted 2007-11-19 08:04:05 by noupsell | 87 comments

A group of students from MIT learn the art of card counting and walk away from Las Vegas with millions of dollars.

[VIDEO] Chuck Norris Stars in Mike Huckabee TV Ad

1135 votes | submitted 2007-11-18 22:41:35 by rz8472 | 239 comments

All you need is the "Chuck Norris Approved" logo and you have one kickass TV ad. When you have Chuck Norris jokes, advanced, well fleshed-out policy positions are optional.

Rocket Attack On Soldiers in Al-Qa'im, Iraq (NSFW language)

496 votes | submitted 2007-11-18 03:30:07 by supernova17 | 82 comments

This is footage sent in from one of our members of his base coming under attack. Fortunately, nobody was hurt during the attack (at least nobody that was shooting rockets).

Insane Jumping Skills

0 votes | submitted 2007-11-17 19:52:10 by verge | 0 comments

This is a compilation of the most insane jumping skills you will ever see.

YouTube - Hot Chic Hits on Girl's Boyfriend

909 votes | submitted 2007-11-17 03:20:00 by jessie09 | 179 comments

Hot chic hits on a girl's boyfriend (in front of her) and wins!

Amy Winehouse Pulls Coke Out of Hair, Snorts It on Stage

2404 votes | submitted 2007-11-16 18:59:28 by enjoyfailure | 474 comments

This is what you do when you've lost all shame. It's exactly what you think it is.

Double Talker Hillary Clinton Loses Her Credibility By Flip

241 votes | submitted 2007-11-16 17:43:06 by zail1 | 87 comments

Clinton Camp Lies about Hillary 's Scam of Planting QuestionObama Says Mr . Clinton is not Running , But Hillary isHillary Clinton Planting Question.. Man She is Good