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Mac mini Birthday Cake

1770 votes | submitted 2007-02-02 00:18:15 by jman8888 | 103 comments

This guy turned 15 and Got a mac Mini. And the Best Cake Ever!

Apple patents iTMS transaction service for iPhone

677 votes | submitted 2007-02-01 22:16:24 by pranavchavda | 18 comments

it appears that Apple is doing a good bit of work behind the scenes to ensure that future iPhone users will be able to access and purchase tunes (and video?) from the iTunes Store. Apple's recently filed "Configuration of a computing device in a secure manner" patent

iPhone processor: ARM? Samsung? XScale?

467 votes | submitted 2007-01-31 05:55:52 by koregaonpark | 30 comments

Ars Technica revists the question of who is providing the main processor for the upcoming iPhone. New information sheds light on the matter.

Correo: A new Camino-flavoured mail client

607 votes | submitted 2007-01-30 21:31:58 by koregaonpark | 45 comments

Correo is a new open source email client for Mac OS X, which ?blends technology from two popular Mozilla projects, Camino and Thunderbird, to create a polished native Macintosh application?.

Vista on Intel Mac With Parellels: Not Quite There

784 votes | submitted 2007-01-30 21:08:33 by navotvolk | 64 comments

we wondered how well the best of both worlds worked. Namely, using Parallels to run Vista alongside OS X. So we installed Vista using Parallels on our 15-inch, 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro.The good news is it did work, but the bad news is it didn't work very well.

Reduce, reuse, and... download? Is iTunes good for the environment?

686 votes | submitted 2007-01-30 17:50:50 by koregaonpark | 77 comments

An interesting look into the environmental impact of the iTunes Store. Are iTunes users reducing waste?

Interview with Jeremy Mehrle - ?ber Mac Collector

580 votes | submitted 2007-01-30 16:35:08 by webtickle | 37 comments

Jeremy Mehrle has close to 100 mac computers and has almost every mac ever made. In this interview he talks about how he got in to collecting macs and how he set up his mini Mac museum.

Syncing Google Calendar With iCal

1016 votes | submitted 2007-01-30 12:36:54 by ace77 | 41 comments

Google calendar can be a great tool for organizing your life. However, sometimes you would still want to use your own desktop application. Apple?s iCal, which is built-into Mac OS X, can be used to subscribe to your Google Calendar, and will automatically check Google Calendar every few minutes to check for new items.

Don't Worry, I have my iPhone with me!

3830 votes | submitted 2007-01-29 01:21:20 by thewhiterabbit | 118 comments

An awesome image that would probably be true if happening.

Macfox - Firefox, Safari Style

755 votes | submitted 2006-11-29 01:10:41 by matthall28 | 122 comments

Macfox is a heavily customized version of Firefox that is made to look and work just like Safari. Oh and it's Mac only

Make Your Mac Windows Translucent

598 votes | submitted 2006-11-09 00:48:45 by ooliquidnightoo | 37 comments

Make your windows float above all others, make them transparent at the scroll of your wheel or in a single keystroke, and move them without having to go search for the title bar. All of this, for most Mac applications, in just a few clicks.

10 Mac Apps You Should Be Using, But Probably Aren't

1226 votes | submitted 2006-10-23 03:57:27 by stephenrb | 53 comments

Here is a list of 10 OS X applications that are useful and not widely known. My guess is that you have heard of 1 or 2 of them, but the majority of these apps should be unkown to the average Mac user.

Mac Price Have Gone Down Over Time (with charts)

690 votes | submitted 2006-09-25 15:07:24 by rupertz | 81 comments

Turns out all those Mac's are over-priced conversations are for naught. Check out the charts!

Video Showing The Making Of The Fake New iPod Photo

4370 votes | submitted 2006-02-26 20:04:33 by harrydude | 211 comments

From the mysterious person who posted a picture of a supposed new iPod has come out with a video showing the making of the photo that turned out to be fake. Here it is at a mirrored site, as the original link broke down.

OSX in VMWare

308 votes | submitted 2005-08-10 07:24:58 by helfire | 35 comments

Looks like someone put up a working vmware image of osx. Cant be far off now.

Vista-like transparency for Mac

298 votes | submitted 2005-08-03 02:03:01 by brutal | 35 comments

This Shapeshifter-theme enables transparency in the menubar, window titlebars, and most notably - the metal windows.

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