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Instruction For Swingers (Golf)

6 votes | submitted 2007-06-22 20:22:42 by papagrizz | 0 comments

Could your golf swing use some improvement?You are in luck because there are lots of sources for golf swing instruction. Golf swing instruction will be beneficial for your game.If you are looking for golf swing instruction you may want to talk to one of the golf pros at the course where you golf.

Will fatherhood affect Tiger's on-course performance? Experts dont think so

251 votes | submitted 2007-06-20 04:52:45 by interg12 | 61 comments

Although Woods likely won't answer questions about the baby until the next time he tees it up at an event, Jason Sobel and Bob Harig proffer a few reasons fatherhood shouldn't affect Tiger Woods the golfer very much.

Tiger Woods becomaes a dad

558 votes | submitted 2007-06-19 05:47:10 by dtele | 77 comments

LESS than a day after Tiger Woods finished second at the US Open on Father's Day, his wife gave birth to a daughter.Woods announced on his website - - that Sam Alexis Woods was born early Monday morning

Angel Cabrera Edges Tiger Woods to Win the U.S. Open

218 votes | submitted 2007-06-18 01:29:14 by acepup | 17 comments

Cabrera, the 36-hole leader who ballooned to a 76 on Saturday, shot a final-round 69 and finished at 5 over par for 72 holes at Oakmont Country Club. It was his second sub-par round of the tournament. He's the only player to do that. He edged Tiger Woods and Jim Furyk to win by one stroke.

Girl, 12, qualifies for US Open

671 votes | submitted 2007-06-12 10:34:14 by c4h5n3o | 67 comments

AMERICAN Alexis Thompson became the youngest player to qualify for the US Women's Open when the 12-year-old earned a spot in a sectional qualifier today.

In one aspect of pro golf, Michelle Wie shows she got more game than Tiger

2 votes | submitted 2007-06-07 20:26:51 by golfpublisher | 0 comments

Compare Michelle Wie's and Tiger Woods' press-conference performances and it's no contest. Under fire from Annika Sorenstam at the LPGA Championship, Wie shows why veterans like Laura Davies still think she's the answer to the LPGA's prayers.

Tiger Woods' pending fatherhood is good news for other pro golfers

2 votes | submitted 2007-06-06 17:33:56 by golfpublisher | 0 comments

I must confess to deriving a considerable measure of pleasure from the fact that, for once, the great Tiger appears to have messed up. I refer to the pregnancy of his wife, Elin, and the imminent birth of their first child, which could pop out during the British Open and may force Dad's (perhaps belated) withdrawal

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson on Sunday in the U.S. Open at Oakmont? Here

1 votes | submitted 2007-06-06 17:32:02 by golfpublisher | 0 comments

As the golf world eagerly anticipates a potential Tiger Woods/Phil Mickelson duel at the U.S. Open, national golf editor Tim McDonald imagines how it will all go down in the final round at Oakmont Country Club, up close and personal.

Tiger Woods Earns $100 Million as Celebrity Endorser

2 votes | submitted 2007-06-05 17:56:52 by ellenchanted | 0 comments

Almost 90% of Tiger Woods' earnings comes from product endorsements. It is said that he'll be the first golfer in history to be a billionaire in a few years time.

The Odds of Sinking 10 Holes in One

581 votes | submitted 2007-05-18 05:41:12 by skored | 59 comments

Sinking a hole in one is, at best, a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most golfers. Jacqueline Gagne has hit 10 in less than four months. Carl Bialik looks at the long odds on her hot streak.

CBS refuses to air 'beer drinking, golf cart driving' commerical

375 votes | submitted 2007-04-25 18:34:57 by skored | 53 comments

CBS is refusing to air a commercial which appears to show golfer John Daly grabbing a beer while driving a golf cart at a municipal course, according to several published reports. The spot, for Maxfli golf balls, also features Daly singing in a bar with beer-drinking patrons surrounding him.

Woman, 102, becomes oldest golfer to make a hole-in-one

617 votes | submitted 2007-04-09 15:34:56 by jasnmb | 35 comments

Elsie McLean, 102, became the oldest golfer ever to make a hole-in-one on a regulation course. She used a driver on a par 3 hole to break the age record of 101 set by Harold Stilson in 2001 at Deerfield Country Club in Florida.

Wikipedia entry causes pro-golfer Fuzzy Zoeller to sue

450 votes | submitted 2007-02-25 17:38:30 by ppoff | 64 comments

Prevented by law from suing Wikipedia, pro-golfer Fuzzy Zoeller is suing the owner of an IP address from where allegedly defamatory remarks were posted onto Wikipedia, in what could set a precedent for online defamation cases.

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