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Chick-Fil-A Debuts "The Queer-Hatin' Cordon Bleu for $6.95 (includes soda)

102 votes | submitted 2012-07-24 16:26:27 by alanocu | 56 comments

ATLANTA - "Of course, the young ones will want to finish their meals off right with a No Fudge Packin' Soft Serve Cone," Gary added. "I can't think of a better way to follow up a sandwich this good."

Sally Ride, first US woman in space, dies at 61

59 votes | submitted 2012-07-24 01:25:12 by usq1111 | 1 comments

Sally Ride, who blazed trails into orbit as the first American woman in space, died Monday of pancreatic cancer. She was 61.

How To Quick-Charge Your Electric Car: Helpful Video

53 votes | submitted 2012-07-24 00:53:33 by matterzknot | 2 comments

If there's one thing to be said for the relatively steady uptake on electric cars, it's that there's a friendly, tight-knit community of electric car owners ever-ready to hand out advice. Whatever you want to know about owning or driving an EV, it's never difficult to find someone who can help out...

How to Suck at Your Religion - The Oatmeal

103 votes | submitted 2012-07-24 00:18:43 by gvoakes | 6 comments

Classic Oatmeal.

The Nine Things That Affect Your Car's Resale Value

43 votes | submitted 2012-07-23 22:35:11 by jackvito | 1 comments

Some drivers obsess on it from the day they drive their new car off the lot--and some don't give it a thought until it comes time to move on to a new set of wheels. Either way, both drivers face the reality of resale value, and it can be either a pleasant surprise or a cold wake-up call. Resale...

10 Potentially Devastating Public Health Threats [Infographic]

119 votes | submitted 2012-07-23 21:23:18 by usq1111 | 1 comments

If you're like a lot of people, you wonder what the future holds. Each passing day, the world seems to become a scarier place. Here's an interesting...

Champagne sales lose their sparkle ..

55 votes | submitted 2012-07-23 20:28:36 by creative_mind | 1 comments

Disturbing Footage Of 9-Yr Old Boy Attacking Daycare Kids

54 votes | submitted 2012-07-23 20:01:49 by popzbam | 11 comments

10 Zombie-Proof Cars You’ll Want To Be Driving During The Apocalypse

64 votes | submitted 2012-07-23 19:44:21 by nettas | 1 comments

Why do you need to take a look at these ten zombie-proof cars? The zombie apocalypse is as inevitable as anything. Taxes - inevitable. Wrinkly, flabby biceps

Trash and Recycling: Facts and Figures [Infographic]

44 votes | submitted 2012-07-23 18:16:40 by bernikoler | 0 comments

Over the years we have become more and more conscientious about the environment. We contribute to saving the planet by sorting our trash and recycling our empties.

California Girl Scout Troop Refuses to Sell Girl Scout Cookies Because They Make You Fat

52 votes | submitted 2012-07-23 18:09:41 by jerryjamesstone | 9 comments

Who can resist the allure of a girl scout cookie? We all should, says one troop leader and mom of three from southern California. Monica Serratos, troop leader of Girl Scout Daisy Troop #2753, says her troop is opting out of selling Girl Scout cookies this year and will instead celebrate the Girl Scouts 100th anniversary by displaying a "cake" made of fruit at the Orange County Fair on July 27.

45 Million Americans Are Moving Each Year: Where Are They Moving? (Infographic)

83 votes | submitted 2012-07-23 17:22:26 by nettas | 11 comments

This infographic presents the top 10 states gaining and losing residents.

Remembering the Aurora Twelve

93 votes | submitted 2012-07-23 16:48:11 by mklopez | 1 comments

In the days after a mass murder, we try to make sense out of the senseless, and that often takes the form of fixating on the killer. Instead, let's remember those who were lost.

26 views from deep inside waves [PICs]

139 votes | submitted 2012-07-23 16:41:20 by emfk | 10 comments

Locations are listed in the captions. For the Newport Beach ones I’m withholding the name of the exact beach because it took me two years to discover, and a lot of early mornings to get it. Hope you understand.

AIDS-free generation within reach scientifically

80 votes | submitted 2012-07-23 14:30:21 by davistomp04 | 4 comments

Transsexual, 16, forces school to let him sit exam dressed as a girl: Head threatened with Equality Act

77 votes | submitted 2012-07-23 11:25:22 by basilyando | 20 comments

Ashlyn Parram, 16, (pictured with mother Miranda) who was born a boy but is undergoing gender reassignment treatment, said he was told he could not sit the paper at Giles Academy in Boston, Lincolnshire, because he was not wearing boys’ uniform.

New Range Rover To Spawn Long-Wheelbase Model

71 votes | submitted 2012-07-23 11:22:02 by PinkSwimingo | 0 comments