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How Healthy Are You? 13 Instant, Easy Health Checks

180 votes | submitted 2010-08-06 19:23:46 by nuclearmissile | 18 comments

Try these 13 quick self-assessments and test yourself for everything from allergies to "toxic" fat.

1 Million Pounds of Ground Beef Recalled

292 votes | submitted 2010-08-06 18:51:41 by mwtapp | 84 comments

Valley Meat Co is recalling 1 million pounds of ground beef and ground beef hamburger patties distributed under its own and other brands, including Bigger Valley and Safeway.

Woman faked cancer to raise money for herself!

737 votes | submitted 2010-08-06 18:51:07 by gawker | 191 comments

Meet your new devious cancer-scammer: 23-year-old Toronto resident Ashley Kirilow. She shaved her head, waxed her eyebrows, plucked her eyelashes and allegedly scammed more than $20,000 through her charity for the Cure.

Suicide Risk Tests: Coming Soon to a Psychiatrist Near You?

245 votes | submitted 2010-08-06 15:38:08 by HoopDoctors | 14 comments

Two new approaches to evaluating suicide risk seem to outdo existing approaches, including a psychiatrist's own opinion of whether or not a patient was in danger.

Teachers sue the pants off Milwaukee to get Viagra covered

217 votes | submitted 2010-08-06 12:06:39 by nahsrocketeer75 | 106 comments

With the district in a financial crisis and hundreds of its members facing layoffs, the Milwaukee teachers union is fighting to get their taxpayer-funded Viagra back. The union has asked a judge to order the school board to again include Pfizer's erectile dysfunction drug and similar pills in its health insurance plan.

Can You Get Sick From Not Working Enough?

228 votes | submitted 2010-08-06 03:14:32 by nevermiss1 | 19 comments

It's common to think that being overworked can lead to a lot of stress, but almost 50% of the country has something else to say about that. A new Gallup Poll reveals that underemployed Americans suffer from bad health at twice the rate of their employed counterparts. \r\n

Addictive Web use linked to teen depression

161 votes | submitted 2010-08-06 01:55:06 by chrisluzader | 49 comments

Teens who spend far too much time on the Internet run the risk of developing depression, a new Australian study suggests. Since the 1990s, uncontrolled or unreasonable Internet use has been identified as a problem with signs similar to other addictions, researchers say. Pathological Internet use has been linked with relationship problems, ...

Gum Disease May be Linked to Alzheimer's Disease

351 votes | submitted 2010-08-05 09:10:08 by gvoakes | 31 comments

Periodontal disease may signal increased risk of cognitive dysfunction associated with Alzheimer's disease, New York University researchers found.

Debunking the "Diet Cola is Bad for Your Bones" Study

325 votes | submitted 2010-08-05 03:19:42 by digsomemore | 83 comments

We’ve heard a lot of buzz about a small new study recently presented at the 2010 Endocrine Society conference which concluded that regular intake of diet cola was likely associated with loss of bone mineral density. So we decided to investigate further to see whether there\r\nwas any truth behind the hype.

Is it safe to eat dairy or beef from a cloned cow?

148 votes | submitted 2010-08-04 18:34:34 by hantata | 57 comments

Following the revelation that meat or dairy products from the offspring of cloned cows has entered the food chain, two experts give their opinion on whether it is safe.

US Obesity Rates Keep Rising: 27% of Population is Obese

328 votes | submitted 2010-08-04 16:17:20 by derekmarkham | 229 comments

Americans are continuing to get fatter and fatter, with obesity rates reaching 30 percent or more in nine states last year, as opposed to only three states in 2007, health officials reported on Tuesday. The increases mean that 2.4 million more people became obese from 2007 to 2009, bringing the total to 72.5 million, or 26.7% of the population.

Teen Raped After Being Used by School as "Bait"

733 votes | submitted 2010-08-04 14:05:17 by bizwiz2 | 93 comments

One of the very sad lessons from this story is to never, ever, ever trust adults.

Designer Protein to kill brain cancer Cells

401 votes | submitted 2010-08-03 21:20:14 by alphadiggs | 49 comments

A major breakthrough in how to target and destroy the most malignant and aggressive brain cancer cells has been made by researchers at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center.

Cherry Juice Helps Cure Insomnia

349 votes | submitted 2010-08-03 19:02:56 by dgooman | 53 comments

If you are plagued by insomnia, you know the stress it can cause. There are several treatment options for the condition, but many people fear becoming dependent upon pharmaceutical sleep agents. Two natural alternatives–valerian and melatonin–have been shown to help insomniacs sleep. Now there is a third: tart cherry juice.

Junk food & high-fat diets could be behind allergies

283 votes | submitted 2010-08-03 16:29:29 by alderoun | 51 comments

Scientists have found evidence that 'industrialised' Western diets high in red meat, sugar and fat lowered the numbers of healthy bacteria in our guts.

Overcome Stress By Visualizing Hook-Nosed Race of Creatures

375 votes | submitted 2010-08-03 16:27:28 by hediggme | 52 comments

Kill all the Grabblers.

Study: Obsessive Web Surfers Are More Depressed

380 votes | submitted 2010-08-03 14:35:02 by queenslife | 96 comments

Numerous studies have documented the link between mental illness and pathological Internet use, though the majority have found that excessive online behavior tends to occur as a result of conditions such as anxiety and depression, either as a way to self-medicate or as a manifestation of the person's mental state.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n

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