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Study: 70% Of H.S. Seniors Had Sex, 10% Have 4+ Partners

227 votes | submitted 2010-08-16 15:29:05 by spiderman0505 | 77 comments

Nearly 70 percent of high school seniors who answered a Connecticut survey reported having sexual intercourse in the past 12 months.

Lethal brain tumor's strength may be a weakness

260 votes | submitted 2010-08-15 21:46:54 by subatomicdoc | 3 comments

An international team has discovered that epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) gene mutations appear to promote malignant glioma's rapid growth in vitro. Targeted inhibition of this molecular pathway may make brain tumors more treatable.

Teen Sex Not Always Bad for School Performance

484 votes | submitted 2010-08-15 21:19:27 by arbiinc | 105 comments

There's good news for parents who worry that their teenagers' sex lives are affecting their school performance: A provocative new study has found that teens in committed relationships do no better or worse in school than those who don't have sex.

Why Your Kids Need Recess

583 votes | submitted 2010-08-15 08:27:14 by aliwangwangbaba | 53 comments

They might be better off putting down their books and heading outside.

Lack of nearby parks, playgrounds are why children are obese

333 votes | submitted 2010-08-15 06:11:29 by laurenelder | 146 comments

I was always under the rosy assumption that every kid grew up knowing the joys of a local playground. But it turns out that only about one in five kids live near parks. Health officials have concluded that this may be one reason why so many American kids are overweight -- there's nowhere closeby for them to run around, play and get exercise.

A Pill's possible side effect: Limiting homosexuality

229 votes | submitted 2010-08-15 01:52:23 by amprather | 137 comments

A prenatal hormone pill for congenital adrenal hyperplasia to help prevent ambiguous genitalia might reduce the likelihood that a female with the condition will be gay. It is a step toward 'engineering in the womb for sexual orientation,' one critic says.

Brother Dies After Donating Part of Liver

539 votes | submitted 2010-08-14 21:59:01 by janinco | 125 comments

A South Dakota man who donated part of his liver to his brother has died, temporarily halting live donor liver transplants at the University of Colorado Hospital where the transplant was done.

Cholera Confirmed in Pakistani Flood Disaster

297 votes | submitted 2010-08-14 16:18:52 by biofriendlyblog | 24 comments

A case of the deadly waterborne disease cholera has been confirmed in Pakistan's flood-ravaged northwest, and aid workers expect there to be more, the U.N. said Saturday. The discovery came as new flood surges hit the south and the prime minister said the deluge has made 20 million people homeless.

And The Phone Never Rang (PIC)

886 votes | submitted 2010-08-14 14:50:57 by diggavatar | 144 comments

Sadly there is still no one to takers on this.

New Superbacteria, Immune To Most Antibiotics Spreading Fast

655 votes | submitted 2010-08-14 04:18:52 by wjappe | 150 comments

A new mutation that makes bacteria resistant to pretty much every antibiotic known to man has become increasingly prevalent on the Indian subcontinent and has made the leap to both the UK and the United States, according to a new report in the Lancet. Because there's nothing modern medical science can do to stop it, the NDM-1 "superbug" may spread

11 Warning Signs of Low Testosterone (slideshow)

266 votes | submitted 2010-08-14 01:29:41 by bettverboten | 63 comments

Do You Have It? The Signs May Shock You

Stem cells used to treat killer skin disease - Yahoo! News

242 votes | submitted 2010-08-14 01:16:44 by sciguyaj | 7 comments

In two groundbreaking studies, doctors have used stem cells from bone marrow to help heal children with a killer skin disease, and to repair injured lungs.

Women mistakenly given breast cancer all-clear

178 votes | submitted 2010-08-13 16:26:40 by diggplug | 29 comments

Eight women mistakenly given the all-clear for breast cancer are now being treated for the disease after errors at a hospital.

FDA Approves Depressant Drug For The Annoyingly Cheerful

595 votes | submitted 2010-08-13 12:19:51 by dgooman | 53 comments

Made by Pfizer, Despondex is the first drug designed to treat the symptoms of excessive perkiness.

Catching Zzzz's: 5 Interesting New Findings About Sleep

331 votes | submitted 2010-08-13 11:47:13 by mizzy | 18 comments

We're entering the dog days of August, and sleep is on everyone's minds — whether it's a contented siesta on a beachfront sun-lounger, or a nap after a sweaty commute from the office. Luckily, the world's foremost experts in sleep have been hard at work to better understand our favorite night-time activity. Here are five noteworthy new findings.

Botox: The New Headache Cure

256 votes | submitted 2010-08-13 03:05:31 by louiebaur | 10 comments

Though doctors have been using Botox off-label for some time to reduce the occurrence of headaches, the practice is not officially approved by the FDA. However, it looks like the FDA is going to give it the green light in the near future.

Hospital Gives Couple A Big Toe Instead of Fetus To Bury

307 votes | submitted 2010-08-12 17:27:35 by mpenetrabletaco | 54 comments

About two hours after the burial service of their five-month-old fetus, the couple received a telephone call from the doctor stating that there was a mix-up and they were given a big toe instead of a fetus.