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Egg Recall Expands To More Than Half A Billion Nationwide

303 votes | submitted 2010-08-22 00:13:11 by sharkymiragical | 106 comments

More than a half-billion eggs have been recalled in the nationwide investigation of a salmonella outbreak that Friday expanded to include a second Iowa farm. The outbreak has already sickened more than 1,000 people and the toll of illnesses is expected to increase.

Hospital Still Using Cats in Pediatric Health Experiments

214 votes | submitted 2010-08-21 19:12:25 by planetgreen | 89 comments

That's right, cats are used in medical experiments: intubation procedures, specifically, where hard plastic tubes are forced down cats' windpipes. Ferrets, too. It's part of a course in Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) and was once practiced by many hospitals...

7 Ways Your Small Penis Can Still Satisfy Her

308 votes | submitted 2010-08-21 18:17:55 by couragewulf | 162 comments

In the never-ending penis size debate, there will always be two camps: the “size matters” people and the people stuck with small penises. Well, to be honest, I always was a size queen until I discovered that I was wrong.

Africans Text Message to Check if Drugs are Real

343 votes | submitted 2010-08-21 11:20:15 by cutedrishti8 | 32 comments

For Africans wondering whether the malaria drugs they've bought are real, there may soon be a quick way of finding out: sending a text message.

Why Some People’s Farts Are Worse Than Others

343 votes | submitted 2010-08-20 22:17:41 by chrissaybo | 38 comments

Sirius Radio's Dr. Steve offers a medical opinion on why some people are more malodorous than others

"Ivory Wave" is the New Terrible, Legal High

330 votes | submitted 2010-08-20 16:57:42 by mmusick | 62 comments

When I first heard that the new legal-ish drug that’s replacing the now-illegal Mephedrone as the papers’ narcotic hate-figure was called “Ivory Wave”, my first thought was: “Ooh what a lovely name, I’ll do that.”

Recognize the real signs of drowning

290 votes | submitted 2010-08-20 16:23:13 by cqlivingston | 7 comments

When we think of drowning, those of us who grew up in the age of "Gidget," "Baywatch" or even "Twilight" may conjure up images of hunky lifeguards diving to the rescue of screaming and flailing victims. Such depictions are often dangerously far from the truth.

5 Sure Ways to Prevent Yellow Pit Stains

270 votes | submitted 2010-08-20 14:46:25 by casspa | 31 comments


How I Fought Bedbugs And Won

731 votes | submitted 2010-08-19 23:26:27 by zetadog | 148 comments

They know when you’re in your deepest sleep, so often feed about 2 hours before sunrise; they can find you by your breath because they sense carbon dioxide. They live for A YEAR without feeding!

Germany Ready To Legalize Medical Marijuana

690 votes | submitted 2010-08-19 21:52:02 by dahrecords | 97 comments

Medical marijuana will soon be available in Germany, with the center-right coalition preparing to make major changes to the country's drug laws, a government health spokeswoman said this week.\r\n

EPA Bans Pesticide That's Been in Use Since 1970

1 votes | submitted 2010-08-19 20:06:10 by planetgreen | 0 comments

Registered in 1970 for use on cotton, the chemical has been used for years on potatoes, soybeans, peanuts, cotton, tobacco, citrus fruits, sugarcane and other crops. EPA now says aldicarb "no longer meets our rigorous food safety standards and may pose unacceptable dietary risks."

Ketamine is 'magic drug' for depression

355 votes | submitted 2010-08-19 19:54:03 by joeboy70 | 96 comments

A single dose of the drug Ketamine acts like "magic" lifting people out of depression in hours and lasting more than a week, scientists claim.

Psychiatrist Loses License; Buys Client Vibrators

253 votes | submitted 2010-08-19 19:34:58 by nicoole16 | 29 comments

This classy Orange County psychiatrist not only improperly asked his former patient about her sex life, but he also bought her a couple of vibrators as well.

Lady Gaga's 'Big Eyes' Spark Health Warning

320 votes | submitted 2010-08-19 15:06:44 by diggscrap | 51 comments

Since the contacts Gaga used in her "Bad Romance" video are illegal to sell in the U.S., fashion-forward teens have been venturing to online stores in Asia to seek them out.

Is the Recession Fueling a Suicide Epidemic in America?

401 votes | submitted 2010-08-19 10:49:08 by mizzy | 118 comments

Unemployed people are two to three times more likely to commit suicide, researchers estimate, and the risk rises the longer someone remains jobless. That is potentially a very large problem as the recession continues. New research suggests the nation's unemployed are committing suicide at an alarmingly high rate.

Palliative Care Help Cancer Patients Live Better, Longer

245 votes | submitted 2010-08-19 04:07:22 by subatomicdoc | 18 comments

In a new study, researchers report that integrating palliative care early in the treatment of patients with advanced lung cancer not only improved their mood and quality of life, it also extended their lives.

British Boy With Ondine's Curse Can't Sleep Without Dying

303 votes | submitted 2010-08-18 23:29:09 by amprather | 59 comments

Boy, 11, with rare disorder called Ondine's Curse is fine during the day, but must sleep with a life-support machine.