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The Ultimate Theft-Proof Car (Infographic)

389 votes | submitted 2010-08-24 23:27:43 by jaybol | 43 comments

GPS tracking, cell-network tracking, immobilizers, and secure key fobs are all common these days, but what if you were to roll all of the anti-theft technology available on the market into a single car? Would it be possible to theft-proof it?

Stolen: Molester Mobile(PIC)

203 votes | submitted 2010-08-24 19:15:09 by beforen0w | 16 comments

I swear that stuff isn't mine

The Worst Roads in America

438 votes | submitted 2010-08-24 16:31:11 by thepowerdigger | 80 comments

If there was a perfect highway, what would it be like? To answer this, Popular Mechanics found some of America's worst examples of highway design, and talked to experts in the field to find out what it takes to build good roads.

Raw Video: Car launches into the air during High-Speed Chase

199 votes | submitted 2010-08-24 15:29:42 by robertwright | 20 comments

A police dashcam captured a high-speed crash that sent a car airborne and directly into a bridge.

2011 McLaren MP4-12C: The Future of the Supercar

237 votes | submitted 2010-08-24 09:20:39 by theengineer2008 | 39 comments

McLaren calls the MP4-12C the world's first "and" car, because company engineers set out to build a vehicle that could do away with the dichotomies of today's supercars. Whereas the current pack of high-performance machines can be either lightweight or safe, provide extreme handling or ride comfort, the MP4-12C will deliver all of those.

1985 Pontiac Firebird Vs. Concrete Bridge [Video]

249 votes | submitted 2010-08-24 04:00:01 by HoopDoctors | 43 comments

Premise of Video: This happened this morning in suburban Dayton, Ohio. “Troopers said Brennan Eden, 19, of Mason, was driving a Pontiac Firebird southbound on I-675 when he drove off the left side of the highway.His car struck a culvert which sent the car airborne. The car then traveled through the air until it struck the Wagner Rd. bridge overpass

Dashcam Captures Scary 100 MPH Car Crash (Video)

1476 votes | submitted 2010-08-24 01:56:16 by redsfaithful | 343 comments

A car tears down the middle of a highway and disintegrates on impact with the underpass. It was captured on camera by a guy whose other home videos now seem even more boring.

Obama Accelerates Crackdown on Dirty Trucks

508 votes | submitted 2010-08-23 23:56:35 by hbyrne | 79 comments

Tough new U.S. rules governing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from large trucks and buses edged forward last week when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sent draft proposals to the White House.

World’s First Diesel-Electric Hybrid

355 votes | submitted 2010-08-23 23:45:08 by hackiewackie | 33 comments

Peugeot has now launched the world's first production diesel-electric hybrid vehicle, the crossover-based 3008 HYbrid 3.

Unveiled: 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class [PICS]

389 votes | submitted 2010-08-22 08:44:14 by absolutelytrue | 74 comments

Set to be unveiled to the public later this year at the Paris Motor Show, the 2012 CLS-Class is a significant update of the automaker’s original four-door coupe.

11 Things to Do After a Car Accident

396 votes | submitted 2010-08-21 15:44:29 by stophaveatime | 77 comments

Bright lights flashing. Loud voices. Exchanging numbers. No, this is not a description of a Hollywood club, but... - Motor Vehicle Accidents.

World’s Fastest Sedan: G-Power M5 Hurricane RR

298 votes | submitted 2010-08-20 22:05:24 by deafbeat | 17 comments

Topping its own Hurricane RS, German tuner G-Power has releases its new, 231mph Hurricane RR super sedan.

15 Crazy Car Air Conditioners (PICS)

333 votes | submitted 2010-08-20 17:09:05 by wjappe | 30 comments

When we saw the first of these, we thought it was just one weirdo, but to our surprise this seems to be more common than you'd ever want to believe.

Rednecks Unite: 173 Years of Farming History [Infograph]

180 votes | submitted 2010-08-19 18:08:14 by robertshellson | 23 comments

Warning: Reading this may make you want to quit your job and ride a tractor for a living.

Regular Or Premium? Is It A Waste To Pump The Good Stuff?

403 votes | submitted 2010-08-19 01:35:29 by baddbrainz | 120 comments

Pull up to the pumps at a gas station and you’re usually faced with three options: regular, mid-grade and premium. The grades are often rationalized as "All right," "Why not do something special for my car?," and "Wow." Yet there is more to the choice than just good-better-best.

Behold the 60 MPH Hand-Cranked Hybrid Car [with Video]

336 votes | submitted 2010-08-18 00:30:24 by mmusick | 35 comments

Professor Charles Samuel Greenwood first began working on human powered cars in 1968. The recently announced Imagine PS (the PS stands for power statsion), built by HumanCar, is the culmination of nearly half a century of dedicated work and should be available sometime next year.

2015 Porsche 918 Spyder Supercar Hybrid; 198 MPH, 78 MPG

507 votes | submitted 2010-08-17 13:59:31 by bossm4n | 58 comments

The video discusses the importance of the car to the brand, and shows some simply beautiful footage of the car with a great musical background. In fact, Michael Mauer, Porsche design chief, goes as far as to say that the 918 symbolizes that the Porsche brand as a whole even has a future as it is an answer to the “environmental discussion.”

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