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How Microsoft Can Make You Feel Happier About Having to Pay for Xbox Live

638 votes | submitted 2007-12-01 03:21:09 by gamefan | 234 comments

Paying for Xbox Live kinda sucks. Here's how Microsoft can make you feel happier about it.

Every single Halo 3 cameo revealed -- with PICS

1525 votes | submitted 2007-11-30 19:25:09 by blueblazer17 | 116 comments

Every single Halo 3 cameo is here, with side-by-side photos of the actors and their characters.

Xbox 360 Child Account Graduation and Changing Live ID Association

477 votes | submitted 2007-11-30 18:35:09 by wyldtek | 42 comments

Coming in the Fall 2007 update:The ability to change the Windows LIVE ID associated with and Xbox LIVE account.Promote your Xbox LIVE child account to an adult account.

Xbox 360 Fall Dashboard Update detailed: DivX, XBLA Hits, and more

1891 votes | submitted 2007-11-30 18:06:12 by charstring | 381 comments

Finally, after what seemed an interminable wait, Microsoft was ready to let us in on the big picture. Joystiq spoke with Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg about the Fall update and what was still in store -- DivX and Xvid support, reduced prices on XBLA "Hits" and more.

Xbox 360 Fall Update details spilled by MS Japan

701 votes | submitted 2007-11-27 19:47:22 by charstring | 91 comments

Microsoft Japan recently held a small press briefing detailing some of the new features bundled into the Xbox 360 Fall Dashboard Update. With the help of Engadget Japanese we've been able to pinpoint what relevant changes are in store for next Tuesday's update.

Major Nelson: November '07 Xbox Back Compat Update

437 votes | submitted 2007-11-27 19:36:55 by aero1 | 86 comments

The Holiday comes a little early this year, as the BC team has just issued out another update. The latest backwards compatibility update is now available over Xbox Live (or will be very soon.)

Microsoft Brings Social Networking Style Feature To The XBox 360

550 votes | submitted 2007-11-27 03:29:37 by dimmerswitch | 77 comments

"An update due to be available to XBox 360 users December 4 will bring a social networking style feature to users of the XBox Live service."

Xbox Live Issue: I'm An Adult Stuck On a Child Account

1516 votes | submitted 2007-11-26 21:15:26 by synthesize | 242 comments

Apparently anyone under the age of 18 who originally signed up for Xbox Live is STILL considered a child even after they have passed the age of 18 and pay for their own account. There are limitations, you can not view dashboard ads, featured downloads, or use MSN messenger. It has been 2 years now and Microsoft still has not fixed this issue.

XBox 360 Fall Dash update coming next week (Dec. 4th.)

81 votes | submitted 2007-11-26 18:10:31 by stokiebread | 17 comments

It was just confirmed that the Fall Dashboard update will be released next Tuesday, December 4th. One of the new features that will be part of the release is ‘Friends of Friends.’ With this new features, you’ll be able to browse the friends list of anyone on your Xbox LIVE friends list.

Poland Uses Nude Model To Sell XBOX 360

2026 votes | submitted 2007-11-23 23:45:58 by jstroh | 269 comments

Yes you probably guessed right, CKM is Poland’s answer to Maxim and this holiday season they were using pictures of this nude model to sell Halo 3, Guitar Hero, and the XBOX 360.

Xbox Live Five Years On - What's Next?

541 votes | submitted 2007-11-23 18:36:07 by mrspin | 86 comments

Microsoft’s Xbox Live is five years old and has come a long way since it launched in November of 2002. Xbox Live started out as a multiplayer gaming network, but today the 8 million users with Live accounts do much more than just play games. Last100 looks at the state of Xbox Live today, and explores how Microsoft might enhance it in the future.

Rock the Halo theme free for Guitar Hero III

1211 votes | submitted 2007-11-21 18:18:08 by colorblind | 98 comments

Like the Pilgrims and Native Americans breaking bread together, Microsoft and Activision are giving Xbox 360 owners something to truly be thankful for tomorrow: the Halo theme (MJOLNIR Mix edition, featuring fretwork by none other than Steve Vai) is coming to Guitar Hero III.

Xbox 360 returned to the store - with "some" bits missing. Owned.

1574 votes | submitted 2007-11-21 09:37:28 by jarnis | 158 comments

This is what you get when you hire clueless people for the service desk. Xbox 360 returned for refund - well, at least the shell of the console is there. And of course nobody admits authorizing the return. Can you say "owned"?

Microsoft Starts New Ban Wave on Xbox LIVE Against Modified Firmwares

902 votes | submitted 2007-11-21 03:56:31 by qsilver | 268 comments

Microsoft started a new mass-ban on Xbox Live against users who flashed the firmware on their Xbox360 DVD drive to play backups. All drives seems affected and even the newest iXtreme firmwares.

Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Announced

468 votes | submitted 2007-11-20 21:51:17 by saber134 | 85 comments

Ubisoft Montreal announced today that it is developing Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, a sequel to the Sin City-based tactical shooter released in 2006.

Rumor: Massive Xbox 360 Fall Update Details

907 votes | submitted 2007-11-20 04:21:04 by the_rev | 147 comments

Everybody's dying to know exactly what's in the store for the Xbox 360 Fall update on Live.

Halo 3 "Heroic Map Pack" available on Dec. 11

1228 votes | submitted 2007-11-19 18:31:13 by mrgenuchi | 256 comments

If you've grown tired of traipsing through Snowbound in your desperate lust to eliminate squeaky-voiced, trash-talking cyborgs, the announcement of the downloadable "Heroic Map Pack" for Halo 3 should be just what the doctor ordered. Let's focus on the facts: December 11th, three maps, 800 MS Points ($10). The maps become free in Spring 2008.

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