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Hans Landa may be the vilain of Sony's Spider-Man reboot

192 votes | submitted 2010-08-07 00:44:40 by davincih | 45 comments

Sony is interested in "Inglourious Basterds" star Christoph Waltz for the villain character in Marc Webb's 3D reboot of "Spider-Man."

Stay Puft Ghostbusts a Nut (GIF)

417 votes | submitted 2010-08-06 23:53:13 by eagles7977 | 39 comments

Does It Matter If They Get Comic Book Movies Right?

280 votes | submitted 2010-08-06 21:21:12 by randomeyes | 53 comments

Conceptually, doesn’t it make more sense to think about entertaining the other 99.9% of people who won’t be upset if the cape isn’t era-specific or if they get a side character wrong?

20 Most Intimidating Fictional Sharks of All Time

236 votes | submitted 2010-08-06 20:52:28 by jboitnott | 13 comments

Unforunately none of these movie and TV beasts of the deep have "frickin' laser beams attached to their frickin' heads," but they're still ferocious in their own right. Grab yourself a chumsicle and dive in head first.

Will Ferrell’s Greatest Movie Roles (Infographic)

300 votes | submitted 2010-08-06 20:09:32 by toksterjokster | 56 comments

Since it appears another Ferrell-McKay hit is on the way, let’s take a look at the roles that have defined the impressive Hollywood career of Will Ferrell.

10 Reasons 'Kick-Ass' Kicks Ass

1111 votes | submitted 2010-08-06 19:14:09 by diggscrap | 158 comments

'Kick-Ass' is out on DVD and BluRay now, and if you’re a self respecting comic book fanboy you already own your copy. If not, here are ten reasons why the movie lives up to it’s name.

8 Personal Development Lessons To Learn From Inception

300 votes | submitted 2010-08-06 18:28:08 by lovelezz | 17 comments

If you've watched Inception (if you haven't yet you really should), you'd know it's a movie with multiple layers of meanings. Here's an interesting review that captures 8 lessons to learn from the movie.

8 Sci-Fi Robots That Prove That Robots Won't Enslave Us

293 votes | submitted 2010-08-06 16:34:56 by mmusick | 16 comments

At the end of the day, it is important to remember that we are responsible for creating robots, and that they are no more than really complicated appliances. Skeptical? Allow these robots to calm your concerns and demonstrate the decency of droids.

"Pimps Don't Cry" w/ Cee-Lo Green & Eva Mendes

224 votes | submitted 2010-08-06 07:38:53 by badwithcomputer | 29 comments

The new music video of the early Academy Awards favorite and new national anthem, "Pimps Don't Cry" w/ Cee-Lo Green & Eva Mendes from "The Other Guys"

Jackass 3D Trailer Shoots Out Of The Internet & Onto Your PC

434 votes | submitted 2010-08-06 05:19:51 by turkman182 | 45 comments

The first trailer for Jackass 3D has arrived and, it’s a trailer for another Jackass movie. By now you should know what you’re getting.

Better Film Decade: 1980s or 2000s?

244 votes | submitted 2010-08-06 04:50:24 by davincih | 140 comments

Axel, E.T. and Indy (no, not the one who hides from nuclear blasts in refrigerators) vs. Aragorn, Gaylord and Jake Sulley. Things get epic.

How Iron Man 2 Ruined Jon Favreau's Relationship With Marvel

327 votes | submitted 2010-08-06 04:31:39 by arrowheadaddict | 79 comments

Is Marvel trying to get away with making The Avengers on the cheap? Even though Favs wanted to direct their superhero team-up movie, they didn’t want him. Instead Marvel has made it a point to seek out cheaper talent.

Every Lightsaber Ignition and Retraction in 1 Awesome Video

425 votes | submitted 2010-08-06 04:30:51 by kesk2006 | 50 comments

The author of this video spent six hours picking every on-screen lightsaber ignition and retraction in movie chronological order. He said he only used clips "where you can see the lightsaber ignite/retract and not just hear it" intentionally.

Every Lightsaber Ignition from Every Star Wars Movie

803 votes | submitted 2010-08-05 22:39:02 by shenerd | 165 comments

Done in 2 1/2 minutes. I never realized how judiciously the light saber moment was used in the original trilogy until watching this. [PIC]

1320 votes | submitted 2010-08-05 21:46:53 by couragewulf | 99 comments


LucasFilm Backs Off Cease and Decist For Lightsaber Mfr

287 votes | submitted 2010-08-05 21:33:33 by oboy | 24 comments

Wicked Lasers CEO Steve Liu said, however, that all the publicity proved to a positive, and sales in fact tripled. "This has been strange. We felt that it would have been a very bad thing in the beginning, but it ended up helping the business in a very big way."

10 Big Actors' First Shitty Movie Breaks

424 votes | submitted 2010-08-05 20:17:57 by internetisscary | 65 comments

Some actors have a skeleton or two in their closet.

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